Our Purpose

We are Purpose Driven

We believe a Great Commitment to the Great Commandment

and the Great Commission will grow a Great Church!

Seminole Community Church is a place where you can meet new friends, discover your life’s purpose, and learn how to live a life that has a lasting impact. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone... join us this weekend!



3 Mentalities That Destroy Our Ability to Take Responsibility

If I were to ask today, "What's your greatest ability?" I wonder what some of us would say. We might say, “I'm good at mechanics ... math ... sewing ... surfing ... channel surfing.” But I...

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Why Do I Have to Be Responsible? (3 Really Good Reasons)

We all know that we should be responsbile, but why? Taking responsibility for the decisions we make sounds like a no-brainer, but then why do so many of us go through life making...

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A Cause Worth Dying For

Most people are giving first class allegiance to second class causes and those causes are betraying them.  I talked one time to a guy who said “I climbed the ladder of success, but when I...

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Wed May 16

Communion Service

communion service

Sun Jun 03

FUGE Parent meeting

Informational meeting for students and parents of students going to FUGE.

Sat Jun 16


Seminole Community Church will be taking students who have completed 6th grade through college age t

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9:00am & 10:45am