Fantasy Football

How to SIGN UP: Fill in the information at the bottom of the page! 

The Draft Day: Labor Day, September 4th in the afternoon. No specified Time yet!

How THE LEAGUE Works: SCC has three leagues with 12 manager in each. All three leagues are independent of each other. Each league will run until week 16. The winner of each league will receive a trophy. The team with the most points out of the 3 winners on week 16 will receive a bigger trophy.

How THE DRAFT Works:  The computer will randomly select the order of the draft. You will have one minute to select a player before the computer auto selects for you. Once a player is on a team, he cannot play for another manager. When it’s your turn to draft keep in mind the roster you need to fulfill. (Roster is below). Try to show up 15 minutes before the draft starts. There are 16 rounds in this draft. I would recommend not drafting a kicker, defense, or def player until the mid-later rounds.

How YOUR ROSTER Works: Your roster will consist of a starting lineup and bench players. Bench players can start for you when players are injured or on bye. Flex means you can play a wide receiver, running back, or tight end in that position. SCC league plays with one individual defensive player (IDP). It’s best to go with a Linebacker (LB) or Safety (S) for your IDP slot

Roster: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE,  Flex, K, Def, IDP, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN

How SCORING Works: Players gets points for their stats. If you go into our league and hover over the word “league” you can click on the word “Settings” and see how all players get points. The only major difference is that this is a 0.5 ppr league, meaning players get half a point with every successfully catch.

How During the season/ playoffs Works: Each week your team will be matched up head to head with another team. Whoever scores the most points during that week will get a win, loss or tie added to their record. The top 6 teams with the best records by week 13 will advance to the playoffs. The top two teams with the highest record will have a bye week during week 14. If there are two teams that have the same records, whoever scored the most points will be ranked higher on the standings. Playoffs are head to head and sudden death. 

What if I don’t make the Playoffs? All the teams that do not make the playoffs will be placed in a consolation bracket. If you win the Consolation bracket, you get to choose where you would like to draft in next year’s draft! 

How FREE AGENCY Works: Throughout the season, players will get injured, and players will blow up out of nowhere.  Keeping your eye on the Free Agency is one of the best ways for success.


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