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Greatness Comes Through Service

BE A-11

To be great, we have to get our hands dirty. We must have a servant's heart. Looking at the life of King David, we see that he had a servant's heart. He was willing to do whatever God wanted him to do. Scripture is clear that David struggled with sin, like you and me, but the Bible also tells us that his greatest desire was, "I want to do God's will more than anything els...

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Do You Want Your Life to Count? It's Your Choice.

BE A-10

What are you living for? Who are you living for? What are you going to do with the rest of your days on this earth? It's very important because what we do with those days on earth and how we spend them are going to profoundly influence where we spend eternity and how we spend eternity. So, do you want to make your life count? Do you want to make a difference? Here's 4 ...

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Contentment Leads to Happiness

BE A-8

A lot of people misunderstand the meaning of contentment. Many think contentment means I have no ambition. No. Contentment is not laziness. Contentment is not apathy. Contentment is not complacency. Contentment is not fatalism whatever will be, will be. Contentment is not lacking ambition. Here's what contentment is: It's enjoying what I have right now rather than waiti...

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Happiness Comes from Being Trusted

BE A-7

Are you what you say you are? Are you the real deal? Or do you find yourself wearing different masks for different areas of your life? That's what they used to do in Greek theater. One actor would play many parts of the play, and he would use different masks to differentiate the characters. The word for that type of actor in Greek is called a hypocrites that's where we ...

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Why You Should Concentrate on Reconciliation, NOT Resolution

BE A-6

Are reconciliation and resolution the same thing? There's actually a very important difference. Reconciliation means to reestablish the relationship. Resolution means to resolve every issue. Why You Should Concentrate on Reconciliation, NOT Resolution Resolution suggests that we come to agreement on everything. We are of one mind in every area. The truth is, there are so...

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How to Have Peace During Conflict: Part 2

BE A-5

Conflict gets worse when you leave it alone. It can't get resolved by sweeping it under the rug. A great way to unpack and resolve conflict within a marriage is to have a peace conference. A sit down. A conversation. A heart-to-heart to resolve issues in your marriage so that you and your spouse can move forward in harmony. Here is part two of the steps to conduct a peace...

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How to Have Peace During Conflict: Part 1


Conflict is seldom resolved accidentally. It must be dealt with intentionally. It doesn't get better by itself. In fact, conflict gets worse when you leave it alone. Hearts harden, positions solidify and bridges can break down beyond repair. The only way to deal with conflict is to face it. If there are some unmet needs and unresolved issues in your marriage, they are not...

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4 Advantages of "Bundling" with Other Christians

BE A-4

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. A bundle of sticks is hard to break. There are some advantages to going it alone. But there are also dangers in trying to make it through life all by ourselves. Sometimes when we are trying to make it on our own, it's easy to get broken. It's our choice and if we want, we can decide to go it alone. Or we can decide to "bundle"...

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How to Unpack the Baggage Hurting Your Marriage

BE A-3

Unresolved issues move a marriage from harmony to hostility and maybe then even to apathy. The worst unresolved issues aren't the ones that are created in our marriage. They were the ones we brought into our marriage from the things we learned in our family. When we got married we weren't a blank slate. We grew up in a family that had certain ways of doing things, and ou...

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7 Rules for a Fair Fight in Marriage

BE A-2

Even the healthiest marriages have disagreements. We can disagree without being disagreeable. We can argue without assassinating. When we are in a conflict situation, we need to establish ground rules. There are certain verbal phrases that are off limits, no matter how upset and angry we are. Here are 7 rules for a fair fight: 1) Never compare. When we are in the middle ...

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