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What is Righteousness and Why Does it Matter?


In Jesus' most famous sermon, the sermon on the mount, he says, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." Notice the word "righteousness" and the word "filled." In a lot of translations word "filled" is replaced with "fully satisfied." They're going to live a satisfied life. They're going to live a fulfilled life. But you've got ...

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The Best News Ever


What is God's plan to make you righteous? If righteousness is the only way to live, if righteousness is the only way to heaven, how does God make you righteousness? It's called the Gospel, and there are three facts. 1. I can't make myself righteous. We're all imperfect, we've all blown it, we've all sinned, we've all made mistakes. I don't measure up to my own standards...

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How to Respond to Annoying Behavior


We all have people in our life that just irritate us. How should we respond when someone is being annoying? We are called to be patient with people's quirks. Their peculiarities. Their mannerisms. Their odd behavior. Their irritating habits. You know what I'm talking about, right? We show love when we don't get irritated or impatient with people's personal quirks. And we...

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Love Your ________ Neighbor.


There are people in your circle, people who live on your street that nobody wants to hang out with. People who you work with that everybody tells the joke behind their back. They may have those quirks. Or they may have a different lifestyle. Or they may have a different belief system or a different religion or dress differently because of their culture. They're not in th...

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Your SHAPE Matters


There are billions of people on this planet right now, and there's not a single one of them like you. Every one of us is completely different. We're all unique. God does not make copies of anything. God does not reproduce identical people. Even identical twins are different in many ways. You could search all of history, every human being that God has ever created before us...

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Discovering Your Purpose in Life


Yesterday, we talked about how God has shaped us on purpose for a purpose. You are an origional, and there is no one else on the planet. God shaped you for a time such as this for a reason. The SHAPE qualities are: Spiritual Gifts Heart. Abilities. Personality. Experiences. But, today, let's look primarily at why it's important to know my shape for my job. Why is ...

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We’re Better Together


God never meant for you to go through life on your own. God says, "I didn't intend for you to go through grief by yourself." If you are trying to carry it all yourself, you're carrying a load that God never intended for you to have. When something bad happens to you and you say, "I'm not going to tell anybody about this. I'm going to keep it a secret. I'm going to keep it ...

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From Dead-End to Deliverance


Some of you are at the Dead-end right now. There are certain dead-end words in life. Cancer. Divorce. Bankruptcy. Infertility. Unemployment. How do you know when you're at a dead-end? Things get out of your control and you can't do anything about it. You're at a dead-end. So, how should you respond when faced with a dead-end situation? What do you do while you are waiting...

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Myth: God Only Helps Those Who Help Themselves


Did you know God does not bless self-reliant people? He blesses people who are dependent upon him. Lots of people think the phrase "God helps those who help themselves," is in the Bible. No, that's not in there. God helps those who depend on him. He helps people who are surrendered to him. He blesses people who are submitted to him. What are you expecting God to do in yo...

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How to Tell if You Are Spiritually Connected


Jesus says that being spiritually connected, it's like being attached to a vine. It's interesting that Jesus, right before he goes to the cross, he says this in John 14, 15, 16. He's giving his last minute instructions to the people following him. Of all the things he could tell them, here's what he says. John 15:4 Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cann...

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