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What Does God Want Me to Do with My Money? (Part 1)

BE A-43

What does God want us to do with our money? Is money evil? First off, scripture does NOT say, “the root of all kinds of evil is money.” Nope! Money is not evil. Scripture DOES say, “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” It’s the LOVE of money that gets us into trouble. So, what are Christians called to do with their wealth? ...

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What Does God Want Me to Do with My Money? (Part 2)

BE A-44

What does God want us to do with our money? What is his purpose for wealth in our lives? In part one of this blog, we learned that God wants us to be grateful and to be glad. He wants us to thank him for what we have, and to be content with what he has given us. If you missed part one, you can read it, HERE! Below are points 3 and 4 of what God wants us to do with our m...

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Forgiving Others: What Forgiveness is NOT

BE A-41

Forgiveness is a central theme of the Bible. It’s often easier to accept that we have been forgiven than it is for us to extend forgiveness to others who have hurt or offended us. So, understanding true forgivness and the why behind it is crutial. Over the next two blog posts, we're going to look at what forgiveness really is. But before we can look at that, we nee...

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Forgiving Others: What Real Forgiveness IS

BE A-42

Why is it so hard to offer forgiveness to someone who has not asked for it? How do you forgive someone who doesn’t even deserve your forgiveness? There are a lot of misconceptions about what forgiveness is and what it isn’t. For us to truly be able to forgive someone who has intentionally hurt us, we must understand what real forgiveness is. If you missed my l...

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What Really Happens After I Die? (Part 1)

BE A-39

One of the universal questions of life is: What happens after I die? What's on the other side, in eternity? A lot of us don’t like to talk or think about death. For many, it’s kind of sad and uncomfortable to talk about. But, there's something about thinking about death that sharpens our understanding of life. Jesus Christ of all people is imminently qualifie...

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What Really Happens After I Die? (Part 2)

BE A-40

In part one of this blog, we learned the truth about what happens after we die. So, what decides that? What decisions can you make today that will impact where and how you will spend your eternity? If you missed part one, CLICK HERE to read before moving on! Either we suffer separation or we enjoy celebration. What will we do in Heaven? Heaven is a place of real signifi...

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How Do I Respond When Life is Unfair (Part 1)

BE A-37

Life is not fair. Tragedies happen that are out of our control. You will experience problems, difficulties, and hurts. So, how should you respond when you’re dealt a hand you didn’t deserve? Here are 3 ways: 1. I ACCEPT that life is unfair. We just need to accept it; it is a fact of life. Every time we turn on the TV to see another mass shooting or unspeaka...

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How Do I Respond When Life is Unfair (Part 2)

BE A-38

How should you respond when life is unfair? It's ultimately your choice. In part one of this blog, we learned that we must first accept that life is unfair. Jesus teven told us that life would be unfair. Once we accept this, we must then choose to do the right thing anyway.  READ PART ONE HERE IF YOU MISSED IT! 3. Wait for God's REWARD. 2 Corinthians 4:17 For our p...

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Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

BE A-36

Where is God when bad things happen? Why does he allow evil on this Earth? In a world of free choices, God's will is rarely done! In heaven, God's will is done perfectly. That's why there is no sorrow, pain or evil there. But this is earth, a fallen, imperfect place. We must choose to do God's will every day. It isn't automatic. That is why Jesus told us to pray, "Thy will...

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Mercy and Grace: Are They the Same?

BE A-34

We can find the words grace and mercy used all throughout scripture. Do they mean the same thing? And if not, what is the difference? Mercy is getting a little less punishment or retribution than what you deserve. You were caught by that cop going 30 miles an hour over the limit. Justice says you’ve got to pay your $300, but the judge is in a good mood that day an...

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